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When you need supplemental oxygen,it can be daunting to find yourself or your loved one once in your life, but more research on your condition and treatment options will only make you feel empowered. Yourdoctor may recommend one or more medical equipment options based on your lifestyle, and a portable oxygen concentrator can be one of them, whether it’s your weekly grocery shopping trip or your granddaughter is about to graduate high school. Knowing some of the basics of portable oxygen concentrators can help determine whether the device isright for you. What is a portable oxygen generator? The oxygen concentrator draws oxygen from the environment around you. Youdon’tneedrechargeableoxygen.Ship or tank.


Thismakesit easier for you to maintain and maintain.Ease of use, you ask?Controlthe power on/offswitch. A buttonto adjust the flow rate according to your prescription.Warning indicator, towarn the user of impending or impending power failure.You will also finda replaceable inlet filter on the equipment, which in many cases can be cleaned and reinserted into the machine. There are usually two additional ports or accessories on the device, including: an oxygen outlet for the nasal cannula; apluggable power supply,although many portable devices also have rechargeable batteries. When choosing a portable oxygen concentrator, it is important to understand how it works. Work in the settings window. No one wants to play with complicated electronic controls!


How does the portableoxygen generator work? Most devices have useful instructions and other useful information about their specific settings and use. You don’t have to read science textbooks! At first glance, this may sound technical or even daunting, but the portable oxygen concentrator is based on a proven process. The working principleof the oxygengenerator is as follows: The device draws in air from the environment.The air is compressed in the equipment. Nitrogen leaks from the air. Inhale pure oxygen through a nasal tube (cannula) or face mask.Inparks or airplanes, portable oxygen generators can perform this process at any time.Do you have any questions answered? During thislifestyle change, it is important that you have all the information you need for comfort and safety.First,talkto your doctor.

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