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Oxygen Flow Meter Price in Bangladesh

Original price was: 2,500.00৳ .Current price is: 1,800.00৳ .

  • Integrated foundry flowmeter, CNC precision manufacturing
  • Fitting adapters to Chinese, American, French, British, German standards
  • Long-stroke flow switch for fast flow adjustment
  • Copper content, plug life > 10,000 times
  • Flow tube and humidifier body using high-strength polycarbonate plastic
  • High temperature and pressure-resistant sterilized humidifier body, to meet European standards.
  • Made in China

Oxygen Flow Meter Price in Bangladesh

An oxygen flow meter, also known as an oxygen flowmeter or oxygen flow regulator, is a critical medical device designed to precisely control and monitor the flow of oxygen from a medical oxygen source to a patient. This essential piece of equipment is commonly used in healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and home healthcare, to ensure that patients receive the appropriate and prescribed amount of oxygen therapy.

Here’s a detailed description of an oxygen Cylinder flow meter:

Design and Components: An oxygen flow meter typically consists of several key components:

  1. Flow Control Knob: The central element of the flow meter, the flow control knob, allows healthcare professionals to adjust the rate at which oxygen is delivered to the patient. This knob is usually marked with clear, incremental settings to enable precise control.
  2. Flow Gauge: Attached to the flow control knob is a flow gauge, which provides a visual indication of the oxygen flow rate in liters per minute (LPM). This gauge is usually a round, analog dial or a digital display, making it easy to read and set the desired flow rate.
  3. Inlet Connection: The flow meter connects to the oxygen source, such as a medical oxygen cylinder or a central oxygen supply system, via an inlet connection. This connection ensures a secure and leak-free attachment.
  4. Outlet Connection: The other end of the flow meter features an outlet connection, where oxygen tubing or a nasal cannula is attached. This is where the patient receives the oxygen therapy.
  5. Safety Features: Many oxygen Cylinder flow meters include safety features such as pressure-relief valves to prevent over-pressurization and built-in pressure gauges to monitor the pressure of the oxygen source.

Functionality: An oxygen flow meter functions by precisely regulating the flow of oxygen to match the patient’s prescribed therapy. Healthcare professionals can adjust the flow rate according to the patient’s needs, ensuring that they receive the appropriate concentration of oxygen to maintain or improve their oxygen saturation levels. This is crucial for patients with respiratory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia, or those recovering from surgery.

Versatility: Oxygen flow meters are versatile and compatible with various oxygen delivery devices, including nasal cannulas, oxygen masks, and oxygen tents. This versatility allows healthcare providers to tailor oxygen therapy to each patient’s specific requirements.

Safety and Accuracy: The accuracy of oxygen flow meters is paramount in medical applications, as even slight variations in oxygen delivery can have a significant impact on patient outcomes. These devices are rigorously tested and calibrated to ensure consistent and accurate oxygen flow rates.

In summary, an oxygen flow meter is an indispensable medical device that plays a vital role in delivering oxygen therapy to patients. Its precise control, visual monitoring, and safety features make it an essential tool in healthcare settings, enabling healthcare professionals to provide the best possible care to patients with respiratory conditions or oxygen needs.

Medical Regulator Instruction

Medical regulator is used for oxygen breathing in hospital. 1. Mainly component name (Please see overleaf)

2. Mainly function:

Oxygen flow range: 1-10L/Min 1-15L/Min Pressure reducing range: 2.0~3.0kg

Relief valve Pressure range: (3.5kg +0.5kg)

3. Appliance introduction:

Before using. please fill pour clear water into moisture bottle about one third reaching water line site.

2DF-2 blind nut straw into bolt head, make the pipe of flow meter square water line.

Pur off regulator(9), put on oxygen tube switch, so you will the data from

needle position of pressure gauge(2). At last, straw flow on/off at anti-

clockwise according to patients need, adjust switch.

If patient need oxygen for a long time, can nse nose pipe to help patient

absorb oxygen.

Moisture bottle (20) circles at clockwise, adjust(17) oxygen hole to other site 4. Attention point

Before using the suction, you will check all parts bad or good and clean it by drying cloth.

Pressure gauge(2), regulator(3)no oil, otherwise explode. Clearwater in moisture bottle keeps clean.

@There is adjustable nut(6)in the front of plunder shall be straw at clockwise.

Relief value(7)(15) keeps out of danger. Oxygen dosage is decided by doctor.

After using suction, put off the oxygen tube switch, make rest oxygen out, pressure gage to zero site, last put off flow switch if using again, first put on the oxygen tube switch, avoid exploding.

The product must be examined periodical, at least once every 6 month.

5. If you don’t understand, plese contact to us.


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Oxygen Flow Meter Price in Bangladesh

Original price was: 2,500.00৳ .Current price is: 1,800.00৳ .