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oxygen cylinder price in bd
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Oxygen Cylinder Price In BD

In recent times, the demand for medical oxygen has increased significantly due to the prevailing situation. Nowadays the availability of oxygen has become very important, so many people are concerned about the price of oxygen cylinders in Bangladesh. Today, we will provide you all the valuable information regarding Oxygen Cylinder Price, Rental and Refill Services in BD (Bangladesh). Let’s explore the options available and the associated costs

Understanding the price of oxygen cylinders

We have taken the initiative to provide rental services to ensure the availability of oxygen cylinders in Dhaka, Bangladesh at affordable prices. Our main aim is to help the people who are affected by the increased price of oxygen cylinders. Check our price structure details for oxygen cylinder rental in Dhaka city:

Monthly rent: Taka.5,000
Half month rent: Taka 3,000
One week rent: Taka 2,500
A full oxygen cylinder refill costs: Rs.800
Medical Oxygen Cylinder Complete Setup Selling Price: Taka. 8,000

By offering flexible rental options, we aim to cater to the diverse needs of people requiring oxygen cylinders.

Cost of refilling an oxygen cylinder

Once an oxygen cylinder is completely used, it must be refilled for reuse. Refilling an oxygen cylinder in Dhaka Bangladesh will cost 800 to 1000 taka including home delivery. This cost covers the refilling process and ensures that the cylinder is ready for use again.

O2 Medical Cylinder Rental Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

At our organization, we provide home rental services of medical oxygen cylinders, as well as offer a wide range of successful medical products. Our expert dedicated delivery team is committed to serving you with speed and efficiency. Here are some of the key services we offer:

Oxygen Cylinder Rental: We offer convenient home delivery services of medical oxygen cylinders on rental basis.
Medical Products Sales: We offer a wide range of medical products for your healthcare needs.
24/7 Availability: Our services are available around the clock, ensuring that you get support from our company whenever you need it.
With our expertise and commitment, we strive to meet your expectations and deliver the highest quality products and services.

All types of oxygen cylinders are available

We offer various prices of Oxygen Cylinders in BD to meet your various requirements. There are three main types of oxygen cylinders available in Bangladesh:

China Medical Oxygen Cylinder

China Medical Oxygen Cylinder Several companies in Bangladesh directly input from China, hence it is called China Oxygen Cylinder. Since then Chinese oxygen cylinders have become very popular as they are easily available in Bangladesh and are also quite affordable.

Description of a standard size china oxygen cylinder

There are different sizes of China oxygen cylinders, the standard inside size is 1.36 M3 i.e. 1360 liters with a height of 36 inches.

Islam oxygen Cylinder complete setup

islam Oxygen Cylinder is a reputed oxygen company in Bangladesh who have been supplying oxygen in Bangladesh for ages. Company This company’s oxygen cylinder is the second position of oxygen in terms of quality in Bangladesh.

Description of Islam oxygen cylinder

Its height is 36 inches
Capacity 1.36 m3
The pressure capacity is two thousand psi

Linde or BOC Medical Oxygen Cylinders

The cylinders of this company are the best in the world. This company has a Bangladesh branch. The head office of this company is located in Germany. The oxygen purity of the cylinder is 100%, the quality of the cylinder is very good and the price is very high which is beyond the reach of many. If you think I will take a real medical oxygen cylinder, the best is Linde oxygen cylinder.

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