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OLV-5L Olive 5L Oxygen Concentrator price in Dhaka BD

Original price was: 45,000.00৳ .Current price is: 43,000.00৳ .

Do you want to use oxygen without the hassle of refilling? So this Oxygen concentrator Machine is for you, this machine generates oxygen on its own through electricity and You can use

the created oxygen as you like. Which will relieve you from the tension of refill. So call now without delay- 8801715532130

About 5l olive portable oxygen concentrator:

Buy the latest high-performance 5l olive portable oxygen concentrator in the market on These devices are made with the latest technological innovations to aid in treating patients. These 5l olive portable oxygen concentrator are super-portable and can be conveniently carried around, making them flexible. Their ultra-light weight is the reason why these devices don’t require any special carrying tools when moving around.
These high-rank 5l olive portable oxygen concentrator available on have a low-noise operation and hence are appropriate for use in clinics and homes. The almost quiet function also makes these tools ideal for use at odd hours like late at night without interfering with other people’s sleep. The wire mesh in these devices is also adaptable to ensure maximum absorption of the aerosol medicine to reach the deep-lung areas.
The top-notch technology used in these 5l olive portable oxygen concentrator is expertly proven to ensure complete and sufficient inhalation of medicinal drugs. These devices are also flexible and take all kinds of respiratory medicines that they convert into mists for maximum absorption and preventing misuse. The technology used in these devices allows for two power-sources to make them even more convenient for customer’s use. They can be operated with a USB cable when the source of power is electricity, and with a battery in areas without electricity.
Browse these economical 5l olive portable oxygen concentrator on This marketplace ensures that customers are not lacking in any way as the offers are affordable and the products are of the best quality. Enjoy exploring the numerous choices on offer at pocket-friendly prices.
1. High oxygen purity 93% -3% from 1Liter to 5 liter

2. Comes with overload protection system, which can protect      machine if meet high voltage.

3. Timing function, can setting up working


4. Automatic Alarm function :power failure alarm, low voltage      alarm, low purity alarm(Optional).

5. Nebulizer function optional.

6. Use France imported CECA molecular sieve

Cardiopulmonary patients Oxygen uptaking could suspend illness to get worse, improve respiratory function and immunity of our body. And can alleviate or remit shortness of breath, to make you are refreshing and active and improve quality of life. Keep long time oxygen therapy, it will be important in recovering of disease absolutely.

  1. Old and aged people help to be vigorous and defer senility Old man’s vital capacity goes downhill quickly;some vitals such as heart,brain,kidney and liver will be gradually decline. Oxygen up taking would make up oxygenic shortage that caused by physical function decline and keep every organ in good condition, also prevent disease to keep healthy and defer senility
  2. White collars or office work Could remove fatigue and work more efficient.Oxygen uptaking could relieve nervous and irritable emotion, ect.Increasing energy, rise vitality. Recover and improve your health from office syndrome, such as fatigability, feeling dizzy, losing appetite.
  3. Pregnant woman Oxygen uptaking can help fetus get more oxygen in order to grow up healthily and become an “Oxygen Baby”, to have inherent advantages during the pregnant time.
  4. Studies show that our brain will use and take out 25% oxygen of whole body. When you study long time, you need oxygen uptaking in time and could help you improve ability of memory and study.
  5. Women Keep body younger and beautiful Plenty of oxygen uptaking will help women promote or improve skin’s blood circulation, gear up to extract toxin and melanin to let your skin looks nutritious and younger. Olive oxygen concentrator uses air as raw material and high-quality molecular sieve as adsorbent, and adopts the principle of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to directly separate

oxygen Concentrator Detail:

Maximum recommended flow = 3L/Min- 5L

Power Supply = 220V±22V±,50Hz±1Hz/110v±15v,60Hz±1Hz

Input Power = 210W 330W 480W 550W

* Real Voice Function

* LED Screen

*Remote Control function

*Total working time display

*maximal flow 5L/min

*Noise :<60 dB(A)..




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OLV-5L Olive 5L Oxygen Concentrator price in Dhaka BD

Original price was: 45,000.00৳ .Current price is: 43,000.00৳ .