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Konsung KSN-5 5L Oxygen Concentrator

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Konsung KSN-5 5L Oxygen Concentrator Price in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Konsung KSN-5 5L Oxygen Concentrator is a portable oxygen concentrator that delivers up to 5 liters of oxygen per minute. It is designed for people with chronic respiratory conditions such as COPD, emphysema, and asthma. The KSN-5 is a popular choice for home use because it is easy to use, portable, and quiet.

Products Features

• Superior oxygen Atomizing technology
• Advanced PSA technology
• High-efficiency molecular sieve bed
• Quiet working performance low noise 45dB
• Wise alarm systems offer a stable oxygen supply
• Compact design and lightweight
• Environmental protection, without pollution during using


Power off alarm, Overload protection,
High/Low-pressure alarm, Temperature alarm,
Error code indication,
Optional nebulizer, Oxygen purity alarm.


  • Model: KSN-5
  • Oxygen Purity: 93%‡3%
  • Flow Range: 0-5L
  • Noise(T): 45dB
  • Input Voltage: 220V/110V
  • Output Pressure: 30~80kPa
  • Power (VA): 380
  • Weight (Kgs): 16.8
  • Carton size (mm): 385 X 400 X 660

The performance instruction:

  • Classical of electrical safety: II Equipment, BF type application
  • Running model: continuous operation.
  • Outlet pressure:0.04 MPa~0.08MPa
  • Pressure range of the atomization outlet is 60kPa~250kPa. Safety valve
  • pressure range:15 kPa~40 kPa
  • Overloading protector specification:250V AC, 3A;

How to use the function of nebulizer

  • Take out the accompanied nebulizer, pour into proper atomized liquid by doctor’s advice, fix the water laps and tighten the cover in the clockwise.
  • Unscrew the atomization cap and insert the atomization tube. Connect the other head of the atomization tube with the connecting nozzle on the nebulizer bottom.
  • Turn on the oxygen concentrator and then put the mouthpiece into mouth and then the inhalation therapy starts.
  • The pressure range of atomizing oxygen concentrator is 60kPa~ 250kPa.
  • The atomization rate of the nebulizer on the oxygen concentrator≧0.2mL/ min.




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Konsung KSN-5 5L Oxygen Concentrator

Original price was: 50,000.00৳ .Current price is: 47,000.00৳ .